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Helping Boomers navigate the second half of life - disgracefully.

We are all going to die.

But as a member of the generation that sprang forth from WWII, we aren't going quietly.

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Communication improves your life, at work and at home.

  • Having difficulties transitioning from work to retirement?

  • Wanting to eat healthier?

  • Have you thought about downsizing and living a new lifestyle?

  • Wondering if there really is a dog?*

    Bofomer is home to fresh ideas about the big questions the ageing generation want to talk about.

*It's an old joke. You will need to ask in the comments section if you need to know. (hahaha)

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"I first met Mike when we started attending Buddhist classes more than a decade ago. Since that time, I have come to know him as a truly great listener who always presents incredibly helpful advice born from his own personal experience. The work he has put into overcoming addiction has been an inspiration and guiding light to so many people aided by his spiritual presence, grounded humor and unassuming intellect."

Gerry B

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"Mike's greatest quality is his dedication to truth. Combined with flexibility, that means he's always looking at new perspectives too. We can talk all day and night about men's issues".

Mark C.

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The generation now known as the Baby Boomers have had one hell of a ride...and it's nowhere near over. This ageing generation lived through some of the most dramatic changes in human history. Born post-war WWII, we created the rock n'roll revolution, survived a possible nuclear apocalypse, and gave birth to the most technologically advanced children ever.

Now that we are at the end of work life, and with living standards so high, what are we going to do for the rest of our lives?

There is so much medicine and information to keep us well and alive for decades after retirement. It has been said that we aren't going to go quietly. Some say we will grow old dis-gracefully.

If you have come here to learn about Lifestyle, Homestyle or  the style of work that we can do in retirement, we're glad you found us. Bofomer is a home for people who haven't quite grown up yet despite the history we have. It's a site for young folks in their 50's 60's and beyond.

We'll try to define spiritual. May we shed light on community and family. And mostly, let's begin to live the most outrageous old age in human history. Please stay, join and contribute. As Barbara said once, "People who need people..."

Life, Work and Home

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I'm so grateful that I crossed paths with Buddha Michael, I first met him about 7 years ago and was drawn to his calmness and energy. He's always been very warm and generous with his time and he's snappy dresser in a hippy way. I'm truly honored to call him a friend.

Adrian J.

Older woman in Bright red dress and glasses

Mike Mather has great sincerity and shares in a very natural way. His understanding of the Truth assists us to grow in every way. Open-minded and compassionately useful material presented.

Grace M.

Baby Boomer man looking at laptop

When I first got sober I really needed a mate. Mike helped me through that first couple of years and we have remained close even after I married and moved away. He has helped me save my life and for that I will always be grateful. We still talk every couple of days as if we were in the same room.

Chris N.

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Mike Mather is an incredible man - the way he has transformed his life into love and peace. He has a passion for life and love. He would save an ant and also a homeless man in the park, due to his compassion and his seeing all creatures as equal. When Mike is in a room, there is always someone laughing and smiling. He lights up the room with his humour and charm.

Graham S.

Topics for discussion (pain points)

See other cultures and beautiful people 

Keep busy with hands and mind 

Home and Body Healthy 

Nurture and demonstrate Buddha dharma 

Happy partner and inter-dependent relationships 

Strengthen mental power

Enlightenment for the benefit of all 

Calm and peaceful whilst helping others be happy

Discover skills and develop interests daily

Be strong and vulnerable so to prosper in this life

What is art?

Be the guy that delivers ways for others to be happy

Staying safe in all societies that we enter 

Keeping balance and constant cash flow 

Being on-pace with technology and others

Delivering value on-time to many

Supporting growth and fostering prosperity

About Bofomer Mike.

Mike Mather was born in 1963 so was fortunate to be born a Boomer. He never grew up. He now writes about life in the second half, Eastern Mysticism and his relationships with woman, alcohol and other people. He played squash so long that his knees gave way.

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