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5 Tips for Boomer Generation to Get Happy and Healthy Now


Being Healthy Internally

I was reading Antonio Damasio's "The Strange Order of Things" about the internal and external influences of organisms. I wondered.

How am I being aware of my inner and outer worlds? 

"Feelings have not been given the credit they deserve as motives, monitors and negotiators of human cultures." Antonio Damasio

You would agree that having a healthy body is probably better than not. Following this reasoning, I ask myself, "Am I improving each day or just keeping the status quo"?

This can lead one to spend an inordinate amount of time naval gazing and searching the internet for the Ultimate Diet and Fitness Regime. I believe no such animal exists. But each of us in our own evolutionary way will find what is the next 'best' thing to do.

For several years now I have sought care and advice from less conventional therapists.

I regularly see my Kinesiologist/Chiropractor and an Ayurvedic Teacher. Once a year I have a check-up with a GP and, so far, all is going well. This is not medical advice but my own story.

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I have found the combination of a great, vegetarian diet and monthly manipulations a pleasurable and satisfying way to keep healthy. Many people of the baby boomer generation may have arrived at the same alternative approach to health care.

Meanwhile, above the neckline...

Clear mind

My brain has not been my favorite organ.

Without it I wouldn't be here, to be sure, but mental health and happiness has not always been reliable for me. Best selling author James Clear is someone that many of you are aware of. James writes, "Here’s the hard question: Who is to say that the way you originally learned something is the best way? What if you simply learned one way of doing things, not the way of doing things?" [James Clear]

I have had many epiphanies in my lifetime and some of them were correct.

SO, in the quest for a sound mind and good mental health I rely upon several techniques and habits. I am not about to preach "Mike Mather's Methods of Mental Magnificence'. We find our own in our own time.

But just having an approach to happiness and health is enough to begin with. Keeping your eye on the target is important. With awareness and attention all of us can achieve the best possible outcome that is available to us.

Being Safe in Our Environment

After 60 plus years on the planet, Baby Boomers have learned a thing or two about 'Staying Alive'. 

We even gave surrogate-birth to "Helicopter Parenting', by attending to our own beloved babies in the manner that we did, and reciting passages from Dr. Spock.

Now that I am an older person and not running around squash courts any more, I find gentle exercise the safest bet. This at least avoids calamities in my home and neighborhood.

  • Yoga and
  • stretching are something I enjoy alone and in groups.
  • Walking is most beneficial for the mind and body.
  • Kettlebells for older people by Greg Brookes is for the more physically willing.

My focus in this regard is to pay attention to all the things that are within my control and to let go of things that are not. The second point is important for me. News outlets will have me running scared to the refuge of my doona if I allow them.

My prosperous environment therefore, involves being selective in my entertainment sources and restricting extraneous stimulation.

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Baby Boomer Benefits

Having an intention to be safe, happy and healthy seems trite but how many of us really feel this way? With this intention I am certain we can find a way to live the second half of life splendidly. 

  • Paying attention to details and focusing on what we want can make all the difference. Compare this outlook to focusing on bad news and all that is wrong. You may find that within a short time that the world is still a wonderful place, and people are lovely.
  • You can live a life of abundance with very little resources when there are no kids to raise. For more on Intention and Attention read here.
  • We baby boomers are in an ideal stage of evolution and a great time in our lives. We can LIVE.
  • Having a good level of fitness and health is important to being able to move, think and play. The mind needs oxygen and glucose at least to be at it's efficient best.
  • Beyond nutrition and exercise, good mental models and cerebral exercise is advised. Thinking outside the box might bring you great rewards. Discover eastern medicine or join a different fitness group. Read about the mind and alternative view on anything that takes your interest. It's fascinating to read how much we are alike and different.
  • Finally, the benefits that you receive are just the tip of the iceberg. As everything that the Baby Boomers generation have done there are flow-on effects - in this case only positive ones. Our job in the latter years is to give an example for younger ones to follow. Our children will be old too one day, and by living life to the fullest in body, mind, and spirituality we show the way. Be vigilant.

The Stylish Baby Boomer Generation

There are so many experts available to all of us via the internet and in our communities.

If you were born between 1946 -1964 you have seen a lot already.

Today, you can make the intention to live the rest of your life to the fullest for the benefit of all. By paying attention to the small things that are within your control - eating, thinking and exercising - you can show the rest of them that living long is not a chore, but a choice.

There is more on this topic in this article too.

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