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Baby Boomers Desperately Looking for Love and Spirituality


Baby Boomer Beliefs

I begin this essay by declaring my ignorance. I am not a scholar in the strict sense, but a student. Some say a little bit of knowledge is a bad thing.

In the words of the mercurial 20th Century Baby Boomer poet George Thorogood, I'm BAD TO THE BONE!

And one thing that I have a little bit of bad knowledge on is Spirituality.

This is a topic of discussion that one can always rely upon when one wants to affend people. One subject that you can never be completely right about. So, it is with great pleasure and huge stupidity that I present my short treatise on 'Spirituality and The Baby Boomer'.

"Wave–particle duality is the concept in quantum mechanics that every particle or quantum entity may be described as either a particle or a wave". wikipedia

Blonde baby boomer woman with slight smile looking into your eyes

Whilst I, untrained in Quantum Physics, do not understand this, I am quite prepared to accept this as common wisdom. I bow to those who make a living out of this sort of endeavour, having studied a little physics, chemistry and biology.

The 'God' thing is another area of expertise in which much is written. Whilst currently there is a lot of atheism going around, the incessant 'search for meaning' suggests that the 'God debate' will linger for a while yet.

In the black corner, from the west, weighing in at 900lbs we have the Judeo-Christian doctrines. And in the red corner, eastern mysticism represented by Muslim, Buddhism and Hinduism. Given that these five major groups can be dissected into infinitesimally smaller parts, it is clear that the 'God thing' is not that clear.

And to complete the fighting analogy, refereeing is B. Rational, hailing from Atheism, Idunno.

"He could knock a man out with just one punch, but didn't like to talk about it all that much".*

Serendipitous happenstance

Is there a God? Well he/she is very mischievous in not revealing itself more obviously, yet surely there are enough signs that He is SOMETHING.

Just like waves being particles, there is other weird shit going on.

Take that weird French shit! Deja vu.

Every time that happens to me I feel like those wavy flashback moments in "I Dream Of Jeannie". Major Nelson was representative of all who fell in love with an unattainable woman or goal. We were possessed by the dream, and fell into it's spell. It ends in comedy or tragedy.

Deja vu must work the same way as Jeannie. When reality gets too dangerous, the director jiggles the FF or REW button and time and space goes wonky.

"Memory researchers theories that this arises due to an error in the processes underlying the recognition memory system". Says Akira O'Connor et al in 'Déjà vu Experiences in Anxiety'.

I don't know about that. I do understand 'wonky'.

The brighter side of this same 'Wonky-nom-penon' is when luck happens out of the blue. Or when the phone rings and it's the cousin that you haven't spoken to for years but whose image you saw in the toast this morning. That sort of stuff is wonky!

Man walking in sand circles near rocky point

photo by ashley batz on unsplash

What is a miracle?

The most common way that God is present in our daily lives is in miracles. Miracle is just the English word for WTF! It's an event that cannot be explained in rational thought and words.

Growing up in a Catholic household I recall fondly the stories I was told. As an inquisitive young man I scoffed and rebuked most of them as nonsense, but as I grewed up I witnessed enough to believe that 'stuff happens' - stuff that none of us can explain. For instance, I can't explain why so many of my addicted friends are alive today (myself included).

The 'God' thing is another area of expertise in which much is written. Whilst currently there is a lot of atheism going around, the incessant 'search for meaning' suggests that the 'God debate' will linger for a while yet.

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Love and other drugs - Spirituality

Love is a many splendored thing, ain't it?

What is love if not a wave or a particle? Can anyone explain Love? John, Paul, George and Ringo said that all we needed was love...love...love. The spirit of love is a very powerful thing - that people have died for and murdered over.

Love can be unspoken, or recorded for all time in poetry. It can be felt across the oceans and I'm positive that Mrs Armstrong felt it for Neil when he was off running out of gas on the moon.

Baby boomers romancing at sunset looking for love

photo by bruno aguirre on unsplash

The Individual to the Collective

We are one. We are many.

Each day, if we are so blessed, we may wake up next to a loved one. It seems a common animal instinct to try and mate with someone. There are obvious physical and spiritual elements to these relationships that keep whole industries flourishing.

We have family. A family is previously disparate souls that have merged together, for better or for worse. You can't choose your family, or can you? Who you are born with might be karma.

We all have community and to a larger extent, we are a part of society.

What bonds us together is love, and what I call, spirit.

Just like the spirit in a bottle of whiskey, our lives are just a container of hard to swallow compounds without it.

Spirit is euphoria. Spirit is love. Spirit is the unknown and perhaps, the unknowable.

And so, spirituality is the element of the unknown spirit. Sometimes it manifests as the Holy Spirit and great blessedness arises. The eternal mind that pre-exists and outlives the body in Buddhism is a spiritual concept that I affirm.

All this 'little black duck' knows is that when I am acting spiritual and lovingly I treat others much better and the results of all my encounters is more positive.

Om Mani Padme hum.


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