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Boomers Are Boring: How To Create More Joy In Your Life


The Creative Instinct. Do Boomers Still Have It?

We sometimes are guilty of tunnel vision, yeah?

Have you ever said something like "my sister is the Creative One" or "he is Very Smart", as if people are one way or the other? We are not. There are those sickening people who seem to be 'Good At Everything'. WTF?

I had a friend at school Mark, who played A Grade men's hockey, cricket and squash all in the one year whilst still at High School. He went on to write a book too, the prick.

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What Will People Think?

Realistically though, we mostly have a combination of skills and abilities and the thing that stopped us pursuing a variety of past-times is ego and pride. "What will people think?", is the anchor that held us back from exploring avenues of adventure that we might well have enjoyed had the ego not said "You dare not!".

Well, now could be a good time for you to branch out and rekindle hidden desires. Let's have a Bo Peek at some of the creative things we have been missing out on.

What are 'others' doing?

Maybe you're as guilty as I am when it comes to allowing "What others think" to stop you from being adventurous. Take a look at what others are doing and pick something that they are doing and try it out for yourself.

According to Leon at Lifehack, a starting point for Creativity is having direction. And there are so many directions we can take.

Consider literature, music and art. There are plenty of other ways to begin this journey as well.

But if you are like me and tend to jump on your horse and head off in all directions then stick to one path for a while.

"What will people think?", is the anchor that held us back from exploring avenues of adventure that we might well have enjoyed had the ego not said "You dare not!".

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Dexterity, Fine Motor Skills, Fun.

Artists turned teachers are aplenty like Elena Fay. Narrow down from vast to precise by contemplating the options down to something what you're most interested in.

Watercolor or Oil?
Paper versus Canvas..

...and then begin. Buy a few rudimentary brushes and medium to work with. If you can find an instructor locally all the better, but online choices have their benefits too. You will be learning at your own pace, enjoying the time alone without screens and sounds, and if you stuff it up - who cares?

Crafts by Amanda has a smorgasbord of ideas with simple instructions.

The internet is good like that.

You can head off in the direction of your choice and there will be a myriad of ways to satisfy your desires.

Attachment and fear

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Maybe you never trusted yourself to explore the kitchen and become an excellent cook. How many varieties of cuisine can you divert your idle hours into?

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Just getting started on something like Spanish cooking might open up travel opportunities and unexpected relationships. Your next great love may be a Senorita in Tequila.

Woodturning is an oft-forgot skill that you may have always been fascinated about.

New friendships at the local Men's Shed or Community Skill-share Centre could ensue. Having a piece of homemade furniture is particularly interesting when visitors arrive. The joy of making it lives on for years.

According to Maddie Crozier these are the top rating pastimes for us older folk:

  1. Playing an instrument
  2. Cooking
  3. Woodworking
  4. Camping
  5. Gardening
  6. Boating
  7. Fishing
  8. Painting
  9. Photography
  10. Classic Car Restoration

Remember, if you need further motivation, this pastime will be good for the mind, body and the spirit. You may end up benefitting community even - if your hobbies lead to helping others.

Your children and grandchildren will love it too. But don't do it for them...

It's your time!


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