October 27

Coming out of our self imposed darkness


The Dark Knight of The Soul

Focusing on yourself can make you very dark. It’s sometimes saddening and often maddening.

I was thinking the other day (as you do!) that, all of the problems we face are the result of the

  • ineptitude of our parents and the
  • fucked-up-ed-ness of the world. Oh and 
  • then there is karma.

Certainly not one of my more noble social commentaries.

If Carl Jung is to believed, there is something desperately wrong with me…

 “People will do anything, no matter how absurd, in order to avoid facing their own souls. One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.” c.s.jung

Carl, I cannot stop thinking about the darkness of my soul.

Has my Marist Brothers’  childhood made me so guilty and ashamed that functioning as an adult is not an option? It seems that I am doomed to a life of navel-gazing and cerebral rumination.

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Ageing Generation and Diabetes 2

So, this issue arose because of my weight. I have been following a splendid course to prevent Type 2 diabetes by Dr Sultan Linjawi.  

  • He says we are born with certain DNA and these genes can either be switched on or off.
  • Also, there is the damage that we do through ingestion and the environment.
  • Then there is karma.

What I gather is that the raffle of life gives us these predispositions.  These are unfortunate or fortunate depending on what you got. If you look great and are stupendously gifted then well done. Or, if you’re born poor, ugly and defective then – you have some battles. Defective can be as subtle as an overbite.

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Did You Know?
The 6 generations alive today are usually classified like this:
The GI Generation: Born 1901-1926Mature/Silents: Born: 1927-1945Baby Boomers: Born: 1946-1964Generation X: Born: 1965 to 1980Generation Y/Millennials: Born: 1981-1996Generation Z: Born: 1997-present

My father had diabetes as an older man and we shared the same GP, Dr Wes. Wes made sure that I was aware of the dangers of diabetes early on. I was close to getting precautionary medicine 10 years ago. I decided I would take steps to avoid pre-diabetes pills and so far, so good.

But, there is always something that we can make ourselves feel less-than about, isn’t there? Pimples, pigment, paunchiness.

If you are completely happy with everything that you got then we call you a narcissist. Good luck living that one down (it wasn’t easy!).

How would things look like in your world if there was a solution to all that ails you? If transformation happened what you look like?

In my personal journey of evolution and renewal, the advice I’ve got followed this pattern.

  • What is the suffering?
  • What does transformation look like?
  • How do we get there?
  • Celebrate the win.

It’s a simple little formula. One could add ‘Rinse and repeat’, but that sounds a tad trite and cutesy.

“It is very important to identify the actual cause of whatever unhappiness we feel.”

If we are forever blaming our difficulties on others, this is a sure sign that there are still many problems and faults within our own mind.” Geshe Kelsang Gyatso

I agree that pinpointing the problem can be, well, a problem. This is where hard thinking loses its appeal. As a bi-polar man, I often think that something is wrong outside of myself when in reality it’s an inside job. The problem is almost always inside me.

YOU are The Problem

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The lovely people at AA say that ‘The bad news is that the problem is YOU. The good news is…that YOU are the problem’. If the parents, the government, the boss and the wife are the problem then you’re screwed! But if YOU are the problem then you can fix it.

As Pema Chodron puts it, our life is the basis for our spiritual practice. “There isn’t anything except your own life that can be used as the ground for spiritual practice. Spiritual practice is your life, twenty-four hours a day. There’s no time off.”

What I think of as my suffering, is therefore my basis for growth.


How we all get relief varies. It depends on how you got HERE and what tools and tricks you have gathered along the way. If, as they say, there are many paths up the mountain, then I’m sure there are many around the dunghill as well.

“We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.” Plato

There’s No Atheists In The Trenches!

Is this the same for everyone? Do atheists have similar problems? Scientists? Non-spiritualists?

Pema once said this about when life gets smoother.

“As your own life gets smoother, you can move closer to people who are in severe mental or physical anguish, because you no longer have any fear of it, and therefore you can be of some help”.

What are your thoughts? Leave a comment and we can see if a follow-up article occurs.

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