July 19

Happy Home Begins Here, Boomer.


"Wherever I lay my hat..."

Prior to Mum dying in 2019 I was her carer. She had developed Alzheimer's in around 2008 when I was just getting sober.

I got well and Mum began her descent.

The home that we lived in had to be sold to settle the estate and with my share of the inheritance I bought a 1967 vintage caravan that was parked in a farm several miles from where I lived. It was sound but in need of much care.

Middle aged man in fedora

Sanctuary, storage, style expression

Fast-forward to now, and 'Casa Feliz' is nearly perfect - rustic, but ideal for me. She is decorated in creams and green and has a kitchen at the front, Queen bed in the rear, and my office in the middle. There is also an annex where I can entertain and stretch out.

Casa Feliz is the first chance I have had to express all of my desires and needs in a home.

Ageing Generation and New Tricks

Don't call me an 'Old Dog'.

I have an interest in Climate so I needed to be smarter in energy-use plus the collection and storage of sunlight. This was very fulfilling because I had a myriad of opinions about stuff that I knew very little about.

Now, I know how little I know.

But I have worked out how to harvest sufficient energy to run most of my appliances. I haven't ventured off-grid completely as I am addicted to the internet and a few other 'essentials'.

One day! (maybe)

There is more about this in "5 Tips For Boomer Generation To Get Happy and Healthy Now".

Liminal Space

The whole experience of leaving a very comfortable life-style in an apartment and building a home on wheels has challenged the status quo. I began living alone with no fixed address. The living area was tiny...and I loved it.

Along with living in the van for 12 months during Covid19 I had the great fortune to attend the only 'Rites of Passage' event held anywhere in the world in 2020. It was all about 'Liminal Spaces".

What are liminal spaces? Fr. Richard Rohr advises, "It is where we are betwixt and between, having left one room or stage of life but not yet entered the next." cac.org

The change in living arrangements has spotlighted that there are liminal areas of life that perhaps transpire unnoticed. Maybe we tend to plow through these transitionary stages without much thought?

Stress and Other Boomer Shit

Whether we are leaving one room or moving house, there is stress and strain involved. One can ignore it at one's own peril. Like our tangible possessions, the accumulation of stress need not be done consciously. But the results of an accumulation of stress will become evident soon enough.

Over the last few years the trend of minimalizing our stuff has been championed by Marie Kondo and others.

Ma (pronounced "maah") is a celebration of not things, but the space between them. It is about negative space, voids, emptiness”. Treehugger.com

It's a lovely idea, perhaps inspired by Zen ascetics. Space is an interesting thing that I rarely contemplate. What is a room anyway? Aren't we nearly always in a room or else going out to get some open space? Sir Richard, Jeff and Elon are off to get some outer space.

Green aurealis skies with man looking and small mountain in the backgound

Photo by Joshua Earle on Unsplash

Do you think about how you use your space?

Home, hearth, and health

For the most of our lives we have to share our space.

As I have recently discovered, leaving home and creating your own space has it's great benefits. It also has it's share of hiccups, challenges and nightmares.

Our spaces (our homes) are as divergent as we are. Even in the street where we live there is no two homes the same. Culturally, socio-economically and physically, we shelter in different ways and styles.

And what of the Earth that we all live on?

Shall we give it more thought in the future? - or FOR the future? Our future selves may well give us a big hug if we do!

In any event, whether we choose to downsize, uplift, and cross-purpose our homes, we need to live in them. Are we really living in the homes we make or are we trying to get by until the dream is fulfilled? Remember Goldilocks?

The point I am raising is - "How are we considering how we live both locally and globally?"

Be here now, is an oft-heard phrase with great depth. I don't know how many times you have to remember this - BUT IT'S A LOT! 

Being Here Now

Firstly, there is the Be-word.

  • Are you are a Human Being or a Human Doing?

My experience is that I tend to be off with the future or dwelling in some past memory.

"Are you are a Human Being or a Human Doing?"

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Secondly, Here is where we are at.

  • Here is where we are.

The memories of the past and the doubts and dreams of the future do not abide in Here. What I find most pleasing about Here is how I am when I'm really here.

The 'Mike' that I create from past memories and the 'Mike' that I hope to be one day, are only figments of my imagination. Despite this deceit it is all I think about until I consciously pull myself back into Being Here.

Bohemian style lounge room with a plant covered wall

Photo by Andrea Davis on Unsplash

Which brings me back to Now.

  • Now is the only time...
  1. The only time I can get anything done
  2. The perfect time for a cuddle
  3. So much the best time to listen to someone
  4. It's when the roses smell the sweetest.

What is a room anyway? Aren't we nearly always in a room or else going out to get some open space? Sir Richard, Jeff and Elon are off to get some outer space.

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Peace, borders, and others

Finally, we all share a common home with others, the Earth.

Whether I like it or not, I share my home with other Queenslanders, Australians, Earthlings, sentient beings.

The family of origin that I grew up with taught me how to live with others but I often forget. But, it's a great thing to see yourself being an arse and having the ability to pause when agitated.

If only I could do this more often - like when I am driving on the freeway.

Wouldn't it be nice if the hospitality I bestow on guests in my house I could give to everyone? Imagine if I could treat everyone like I do my ailing Mother.

That would be a nice home to live in.

In summary:

  • Are you are a Human Being or a Human Doing?
  • Here is where we are.
  • Now is the only time...I hope that where you are is okay with you.
  • Boomer Generation green caravan with annex

    Casa Feliz the Caravan by Mike Mather

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