July 16

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The things that are important

What is important?

Do you ever think this? I do all the time, and usually NOT when I'm in a great mindset. Often when the thing that I am doing is going to shit, I realize that this is not that important. 

In my generally Anglophile world, family and health are important. But according to this article in Tiny Buddha these two are secondary to Purpose and Time. What of purpose and time?

Time and Purpose

We can't achieve a lot without Time. Take away time and there's not much else. Yet, having a Purpose to do something in that time makes all the difference.

Mark Pettit in Lifehack wrote that, 'Being the best version of yourself' is the ultimate in import.

I think I have done that a gazillian times already. Given the circumstances and abilities that prevailed at the time, I have done the best I could.

My 'Best' version, I guess, is still coming.

Having Purpose

The various creeds that evolve from religions and traditions might be your cue to the important things in life too. For me, the *six perfections* of Buddhist beliefs suggest that - 

  1. Giving
  2. Patience
  3. Moral Discipline
  4. Effort
  5. Concentration and
  6. Wisdom

- are a great place to start. Each tradition has it's own 'to-do' list. I have written more in '5 Tips For Boomer Generation to Get Health and Happiness'.

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The circulatory system and cash

In a bodily sense, we need oxygen running through our veins, as well as glucose for energy.

Consider this  analogy.

Cash and value are like the oxygen and glucose that pumps through our body.

In our society we bring value to the community via work and expertise. Community provides us with security, and friendship...and the 'ethereal' hope. 

One group suggest that sex, security and society are our primal needs.

If this be so, we trade our contributions for these things. To the extent that we mature, we become our best selves within the community in which we live.

In this maturation process - from cradle to grave - we westerners often get caught up in the traps of fame, fortune and status though. Whilst these can be lovely side products of success in our society, when we make them the priority, things tend to go awry.

Sometimes our focus on these secondary rewards will cause our behaviour to run incongruently with others. This leads to disharmony.

Disharmony, Imbalance, and Illness are the unfortunate by-products of the quest for success. These can manifest as physical, mental and spiritual maladies.

Put down the whip that you crack yourself with and smile.

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Juggling plates

Along the way to 'Being the best self' or 'Disharmony, Imbalance and Illness', we may encounter the many spinning plates syndrome.

The 'You can have it all' concept, and even the "Work/Life balance' myth can lead us all to desperation, ill-health and addiction. It certainly did for me.

Evidence suggests that poor mental health and substance abuse is worsening. This is despite the improvements to our collective understanding and social welfare.

On a personal level, realizing that "I am going in the wrong direction" can begin the healing process though. 

Instead of chasing after things and experiences that appear normal trappings of a successful life, we can choose to aim for more meaningful outcomes.

Whether you are in your teens or twilight years now is the time to 'Just do it'.

Peace and mindfulness

But instead of joining a gym, starting a side-hustle, or flipping houses, maybe finding what is really important to you is a better option. Once our Priority is found we can begin moving toward it. 

  • How about peace of mind?
  • Do you consider rich family connections vital?
  • When have you contacted your Higher Power lately?
  • Is the love you give to your fellow man bringing you greater rewards?

Far be it for me to tell anyone the important things in their lives to focus on. I believe that we are given tremendous leeway to navigate this life. Go ahead though, and ask yourself these questions and see what happens.

Maybe you will find that the answers surprise you. I hope so.

More is shared in Baby Boomers Desperately Looking For Love and Spirituality.

Two young men laughing in their back yard

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Me, them and us

Alternatively, the peace of mind you attain from feeling that you are loving, charitable and bringing value to the community is the all the reward you need.

Put down the whip that you crack yourself with - and smile.

You are enough

Whether you come to re-evaluate your life, or simply realize that the problems that you see are bogey men, I hope that today can be one of love, laughter and peace.

“Blessed is he who has found his work; let him ask no other blessings."*

*Thomas Carlyle, Past and Present

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Academy of Ideas

The guys at Academy of Ideas have produces a beautiful video that you might be interested in.

Mindset, focus and sleep...


“At the end of life, most of us will find that we have felt most filled up by the challenges and successful struggles for mastery, creativity, and full expression of our dharma (vocation) in the world. Fulfillment happens not in retreat from the world, but in advance — and profound engagement.” (The Great Work of Your Life)*

Stephen Cope, The Great Work of Your Life*


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